Building A New Server

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Building a server using CentOS 5.x/6.x

Setup Yum repo's first from backups. Then install everything va Yum.

Install required packages:

yum -y install httpd httpd-devel php php-gd php-pdo php-imap libtheora cdparanoia php-pear php-dba php-xml php-common php-cli php-devel php-mysql php-mbstring perl-Geography-Countries mysql-server gstreamer-ffmpeg ffmpeg ffmpeg-devel postfix dovecot spamassassin named perl-Net-Server perl-Error perl-Mail-DKIM

Packages to remove:

yum remove sendmail

Make sure following services are set to start on startup:

chkconfig httpd on
chkconfig mysqld on
chkconfig postfix on
chkconfig iptables on
chkconfig dovecot on
chkconfig spamassassin on
chkconfig dkimproxy on
chkconfig dkim-milter on
chkconfig saslauthd on

Import MySQL Databases:

 mysql -u root mysql < alldatabases.sql

Replace IP Address in DNS zone files: awk '{gsub("OLD_IP", "NEW_IP", $0); print > FILENAME}' *.zone

Getting Dkimproxy Installed and Configured:

DomainKeys filter for Postfix:

PHPShield needs to be installed and setup correctly:

cp /root/Downloads/phpshield-2012/ixed.5.2.lin /usr/lib/php/modules/phpshield.5.2.lin

Need the following: