Security Appliances

Since the internet has been around, there has been a need for security appliances for the work place. With all the hackers, worms and viruses on the internet, there have been growing concerns about security. At HyperSecure Solutions, we believe that the net should be a safe place to conduct business.

Our customized security applainces will secure and detect security issues before they becoming a problem. With our security routers, hackers will be stopped before they can enter the corporate network. Our network anti-virus servers will stop worms and viruses before they can infect network computers and servers. Our intrusion┬ádetection system will keep hackers occupied while the system tracks them down to be reported to local authorities. All of our security appliances are custom built to suit all of our client’s needs.

Our HyperSecure Routers filter out unwanted packets that might enter the corporate network. With our routers, we are able to control exactly what is happening oun the network. We use FreeBSD or Linux, an open source operating system as a network gateway.

Our Firewalls will protect from DDOS, Smurf and other online attacks. Our Firewalls are designed to drop any echo request (ping) that is faster than one per second. This will protect your valuable network from ever going down.

Unlike most routers, our routers are 100% configurable, and scalable to meet any business needs. Our routers are easy to work with and easy to integrate into a current Windows network. We can even help configure the router remotely.

Our HyperSecure Network Anti-Virus scanner is perfect for any corporation concerned about virus on their network.

We use FreeBSD, an open source operating system, to scan and lock down any virus located on the network

Just plug in our dedicated network anti-virus scanner into the local area network and let the scanner do the rest.

Since we use open source for everything, there are not any licence restrictions or limitations. Feel free to scan the network over and over again.Our scanner can automaticly find and destroy virus on any network computer.

Intrusion Detection
HyperSecure offers network intrusion detection systems for your network. Record all the hacking attempts from hackers trying to gain access to private networks. We use FreeBSD, an open source operating system that we configure to capture real time security breaches on your network.

Once a hacker is able to gain access to the network through different methods, a hacker maybe able obtain important client information such as creditcard information, personal data, and classified company information.

If part of your network security has an intruder,your IT department will be the first to know. We can even setup our systems to contact through SMS for cells phones.

With our intrustion detection system, corporations can feel safe and confident having a network connected to the internet.

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